Data Brokers profit selling your personal information and data. But, is that illegal?

While it may feel like an invasion of privacy, since most brokers are pulling from public records, it’s actually legal.

Several states have begun to look further in to how they operate and consider legislation to help protect their residents.

Californias Consumer Privacy Act made it possible for residents to obtain copies of all information data brokers had on them. On top of that, it allowed California consumers to request opt out and removal from their data bring sold.

Vermont passed a law in 2018 requiring that businesses selling or sharing data of it’s residents to register in a database and further share information on their operations.

New York is considering a bill which would force all data brokers to register in the state. This would also result in a database website, of all of the data brokers. Lots of data.

As privacy becomes more forefront in focus, more legislation is sure to cmome.